Gretchen Hasse: Art and Agitation

In December 2020, Activator Magazine interviewed me for their annual art issue. Activator prints Freaks' Progress serially every month, and I love them. Please send them your support!

Freaks, Punks and the Fragility of Community: Interview with Gretchen Hasse on her Comic Freaks’ Progress

KILTER magazine is a collaboration of people in the Chicago Goth, Industrial, Punk, Deathrock, Underground, wierdo scene. They interviewed me about Freaks' Progress.

Review of Gretchen Hasse's Freaks' Progress

In Packingtown Review, Kristin Summerson writes that "Gretchen Hasse’s web comic Freaks’ Progress tells the stories of unique characters against the black and white backdrop set in a place not-Chicago-but-Chicago-like. Hasse’s characters jump off of the pages of the comic, telling tales filled with harsh moments in their changing neighborhood."