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Painting Hazel and Zorro
Painting Hazel and Zorro
acrylic and latex
20' x 20'

Hazel and Zorro is part of the Logan Square Dog Park Collaborative Mural, a 25’ x 300’ installation along the underpass of 90-94, north of Fullerton and Western. Come check it out if you're ever in Chicago.

In the summer of 2016, I participated as a Featured Artist in the Logan Square Dog Park Mural, a project organized by AnySquared and Artistic Bombing Crew.

The mural brought together both veteran and upcoming street artists from Logan Square and throughout Chicago, and more traditional "paintbrush" artists, such as myself. The complete mural is roughly as long as a football field, and incorporates the work of nine featured artists, ten street artist crews, and many additional artists and community members who assisted during Community Paint Day and beyond.

I painted Hazel and Zorro, two characters from Freaks' Progress. Zorro is a service dog and companion for Hazel, who is blind.